Increase Business with Customer Loyalty and Marketing Programs

Engaging customers with gift card and loyalty programs can dramatically increase your business. Total Merchant Services makes marketing to your growing customer base easy.

Increase Sales Significantly

Customer spending is up to 46% higher with companies that offer rewards and gift card programs.

Acquire New Customers

Gift cards enable customers to share your business with friends and family.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with incentives for repeat or expanded business.

Gain Sales Lift with Gift Cards

Turn your payment system into a money-making machine by offering gift cards customized for your business. Gift cards help customers share your business with friends and family by pre-purchasing cards in lieu of products.

Acquire New Customers

Customers given gift cards typically spend more than the total amount on the card. Plus, they often will keep coming back even after they used up the full card balance, thereby increasing your loyal customer base.

Simple to Set Up and Customize

Our gift card program provides a number of templates that can easily be customized for your business. You also fully customize the cards to reinforce your unique branding.

Big Gains, Low Risk

Printing gift cards is very affordable. There’s no risk to you because once the cards are purchased by customers and activated by you, funds are quickly deposited into your account. Later, you can redeem gift card payments as regular transactions. Gift cards also provide a way to simplify management of store credits, and they can help combat fraud by keeping your cash in your store.

Deliver and Manage Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Card programs are another great way to boost sales. You can offer free products, dollar discounts or a percentage off future purchases, all of which will entice customers to keep coming back. When you reward your customers for returning and making purchases, customer loyalty and profits rise. Total Merchant Services makes it easy.

Examples of Loyalty Programs include:

Dollar Volume: Rewards (or points) are earned based on dollars spent.

Frequency: Rewards (points) are earned based on number of items purchased and/or times visited.

Club: Rewards are earned based on purchasing larger quantities upfront.

Discount/Rebate: In this program, your Discount can be a dollar amount off a current purchase or a Rebate where the discount dollar amount can be used on a future purchase.

Percentage: In this program, your discount would be a percentage off an immediate or future purchase amount.

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