Benefits of Online Payment Gateways for “Card Not Present” Payments

Youcharge Services offers a full suite of secure, web-based solutions that enable you to accept and manage customer payments for card-not-present transactions.

Virtual Terminal

Authorize, process and manage mail or phone credit card payments from any computer.

Recurring Billing

Bill customers, charge cards and process payments securely on a scheduled, automatic basis.

Hosted Pay Page

Sell your products online quickly and securely through a hosted pay page.


Accept payments online from your business’ website shopping cart.

Complete Solution, One Low Price

With Youcharge Services, you can access a comprehensive suite of “card not present” solutions, including access to a true, omni-channel online payment gateway. Easily manage your solutions through an online tool, and track transactions statements in one convenient location. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Take Payments Online: Accept credit and debit card payments online.
  • Get Paid Quickly: Easily deposit online, keyed and automatic payments into your bank accounts.
  • Manage Transactions: Issue credits, void transactions and view your list of payments.
  • Enjoy Competitive Rates: Receive competitive processing rates with no contract or obligation.
Online Payment Gateway

Accept Payments Online with a Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal does virtually everything. You can accept swiped, keyed and EMV credit card transactions, as well as other payment management functions – all without the need for a traditional POS terminal. Take advantage of innovative features like:

  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • The ability to close batches/settle
  • Subscription services/recurring payments
  • Card-present EMV acceptance

Subscription Services and Recurring Payments

Our virtual terminal makes accepting recurring payments easy for things like software subscriptions, donations, memberships and more. You’ll even have the freedom to customer contract with optional add-ons and discounts as well as periodic cycles that fit your revenue growth goals. Get ready to simplify your payment collection process by:

  • Setting up a customer’s payment information one time only, including ACH and credit payment types
  • Customizing the date, amount and frequency of payments
  • Sending and receiving automated notifications when payments are posted

Our Hosted Payments Form Enables Simple and Secure Transactions

Serious about growing your eCommerce business? Our Hosted Payments Form adds a “Pay Now” button to your existing website or application, allowing your customers to pay instantly without being redirected to complete their transactions. That makes the Hosted Payments Form the ideal solution to grow your online sales while maintaining control over the customer experience with fully branded logo and colors, editable product information and user-friendly form validation.

Integrate Payments from Your e-Commerce Site

If you have or are setting up a full e-commerce website, you can easily integrate our payment processing with your online shopping cart to provide a uniform customer experience. What’s more, our advanced payment gateway integration ensures PCI compliant security.

Compatible with Most Shopping Carts

A wide variety of shopping carts can be integrated with our payment gateway, which means you can get set up to process credit card and ACH payments quickly.

Let’s Talk About Data Security

Accepting payments online comes with risk, but our solutions keep your customers’ data safe and enable you to identify suspicious transactions.

  • PCI Compliant: Secure source keys are used to communicate with the payments gateway, and all processed and stored card data is PCI secure.
  • Transport Layer Security: As applications communicate with each other, layered security keeps data private.
  • Fraud Control Stack: Our fraud module includes multiple layers to eliminate fraudulent transactions and deliver credit card security.

Payment Solutions for Software Developers

If you’re looking for EMV and PCI-compliant payment solutions to integrate easily with your software, please see our Developers section.

Grow Your Business

Our online payments suite provides convenience and security for your customers while opening up additional ways to sell your products and services. No matter your current size, you’ll get the tools you need to succeed with Total Merchant Services.

Let us help grow and protect your business.

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